Name Hot Grapefruit


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* 2 grapefruit
* 1 small jar preserved ginger in syrup
* 4 teaspoons light muscovado sugar

1. Cut the grapefruit in half and cut around inside each half to loosen the flesh. Cut down between the segments and remove any pith and white skin. Pour a tablespoon of ginger syrup over each grapefruit half and sprinkle each with a teaspoon of sugar.
2. Cut the pieces of ginger in thin slices and arrange them around the edge of the grapefruit; fill the centre with chopped ginger. Arrange evenly spaced in a microproof dish and heat on medium power for 3 minutes, or until the grapefruit has heated through. Serve straightaway.

Power Level: Medium
Cooking Time: 3 Minutes
Serves: 4

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